Initial Home Consultation

An initial home consultation includes:

  • Phone screening interview to identify goals.

  • In-home examination of your floor plan

  • Initial recommendations to be made at the visit.

  • Comprehensive email summary of all recommendations in days to follow consultation.

  • $150 for each 90 minute session. 

Design Consultation

This consultation is for those moving into an unfurnished/partially furnished home or business that want assistance in designing the space using principles of Feng Shui. Claudia will assist you in identifying priority furniture pieces to meet the goals of each room and deciding on specific pieces whether it be furniture, art, rugs, paint colors, and other décor. 

$150 for each 90 minute session. 

Real Estate Consultation

Sell your home quickly with this consultation. Staging is available as well as an exploration of the floor plan and entire plot to identify stuck or energy deficient areas. Recommendations include using the Bagua and other principles of Feng Shui to draw buyers and aid in the quick sale of your home. $150 for each 90 minute session. 

Space Clearings

This is a recommended practice in order to remove negative or stuck energy from your space. Optimal times for space clearings are: 

  • when moving into a new home,

  • following a traumatic or stressful event,

  • after a spouse or significant other leaves the home/business,

  • for stale or unused rooms,

  • wanting a fresh start and to infuse the space with peaceful, vital energy.

This practice will invigorate a room with the use of vibration, a burn clearing, and/or frankincense incense.  Pricing from $75-$150 depending on the size of your home for this 60-90 minute service.

Workplace Innovations

The effects of this consultation can help to:​

  • develop harmonious working relationships with your coworkers

  • improve your professional reputation or the way your business is viewed by others

  • recruit effective employees, among many other work related challenges

The consultation can be performed on your office space, cubicle, or for an entire business. Pricing begins at $150 and will range for differing types of work environments. 

Elemental Balancing

The harmony in a room can rely a great deal on the balance of the five elements: fire, water, metal, earth, and wood. An imbalance often translates into your space not feeling quite right. This additional consultation evaluates each room in your home extensively to balance the entire feel, creating a wholly peaceful environment. Although elemental evaluation is done as a part of the Initial Home Consultation, this consultation is a thorough focus in each room. Pricing starts at $150 for 90 minutes.

~ A nominal fee may be added for any of these consultations that require ample travel out of the area.